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After “Generation Abomination” (2013, Gravity Entertainment) and “Lowlife” (2015, Avantgarde Music), the third opus – yet untitled – was again recorded, mixed and mastered by Victor Bullok at Woodshed Studio (Dark Fortress, Triptykon, Farsot, Schammasch a.o.) and is going to be released by Czar of Bullets in spring 2017. The album has a wider musical range than ever before but is still absolutely focused on ColdCell’s particular atmosphere and vibe.  More news about this exciting release to come soon.


ColdCell was founded in 2012 out of the ashes of Atritas, one of Basels oldest Black Metal bands who decided to do a complete restart for musical and conceptional reasons. ColdCell’s sound is still based in Black Metal, but although the terminus Swiss-German-Icelandic Extreme Rock’n’Roll has an ironic touch, it is seriously meant in a way to state that there are no musical borders for ColdCell; no matter if it’s Doom, psychedelic-psychotic Synthie-passages, industrial elements or simple rock patterns: As long as it fits to the musical and conceptional vision, everything (extreme) is allowed. Like the music, also the lyrics differ from typical Black Metal topics. ColdCell is the musical manifest of the modern individual’s prison: The modern news world, the globalized, digital society, a virtual designed image. Humanity as a sick species without consciousness, arbitrarily exchanging its gods, its ethics, its principles, isolated within the anonymous masses. The only benchmark is mammon, the individual is lost within stimulus satiation and shallow-brained social networks. The cell in the band’s name has a double meaning: First as a constructed, bred human cell, produced and used for industrial purposes: human being as a single wheel within the system. And second, the cell as a metaphor for the isolation arrest of the individual, lost within the masses, finding no connections. Needless to say, there is a lot of irony, sarcasm, cynicism and scorn in every aspect of ColdCell’s work.
2013 - Generation Abomination (Gravity Entertainment)
2015 - Lowlife (Avantgarde Music)

We feel honored to announce that we will release the new album Resilience of the brilliant When Icarus Falls from Lausanne in April 2017 via Czar Of Bullets. Details about that will follow soon. At the same time we're excited that the band will appear at the Czar Fest on April 15th 2017. Order tickets via Starticket - 1 day 25 CHF / 2 days 35 CHF:


Formed in 2007 in Lausanne, When Icarus Falls materializes the exploration of dark musical universes, oscillating between hazy atmospheres and heavy riffs. When Icarus Falls' musicians are well known for their intense stage performances, which brought them many times on the roads throughout Europe and China. The Swiss quintet has released three albums: Over the Frozen Seas in 2009 (Get a Life ! Records), the concept album Aegean in 2012 (Headstrong Music), describing the five stages of dying according to the work of the renowned psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and Circles in 2014 (BlueWave).

After over a decade focused on brutal musical landscapes, it was time for When Icarus Falls' members to change their perspective and deliver the band from its constraining universe. The band's fourth release – Resilience (Czar of Crickets Productions) – illustrates by itself the major artistic turn of When Icarus Falls. It proudly integrates and combines inspirations from touareg blues, jazz and electronic music into a post-rock framework. Recorded by Chris Noth at Bikini Test (La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland), mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg, this album features aerial and transcendental music which transports the mind into imaginary and bewitching desert landscapes. Resilience highlights the maturity of the band, bringing a new breath in the gloomy world of When Icarus Falls.



Finally we may announce that we are going to release the new album "Surrounding The Void" from Switzerland's finest Jazz influenced psychedelic Post-Metal monster Palmer on February 24th, plus we're thrilled to tell you that Palmer will also perform at the Czar Fest 2017. Get your Ticket now!
Palmer-Surrounding The Void frontcover web
Palmer - a band persistently forging their sound towards perfection for the last 16 years. This Swiss quartet is no typical four-four time metalcombo straight o the rack. Palmer’s sound oscillates somewhere between post-metal and prog-rock with spherical timbres. This band works intuitively and without restraints and their creations reect an energy of immediate presence.
The new album ‘Surrounding The Void’ contains 9 songs that boast originality. Inspired by dierent niches from the world of extreme metal, prog-rock, jazz and ambient sounds, Palmer have always followed their own distinct path, continually looking towards the future and pursuing their own individual Soundscape. ‘Surrounding The Void’ reects Palmer’s typical aspects such as tension, relief and extreme dynamics. These core aspects are imminent on the new album and seem even more mature and distinct.‘Surrounding The Void’ is due for world wide release at the beginning of 2017 through Czar of Bullets. After an intensive creative phase behind the scene, Palmer will play concerts as of the beginning of 2017.

Unhold live:
08.12.16 CH-Zürich Werk21, w/ ZATOKREV, Soldat Hans
09.12.16 CH-Luzern Sedel, w/ Soldat Hans, Oregon Trail
10.12.16 CH-Olten Coq d'Or, w/ Soldat Hans, Oregon Trail, Zippo , SLEEP UNIT
15.12.16 CH-Bern Rössli, w/ Soldat Hans, Wolf Counsel
17.12.16 CH-Winterthur Gaswerk w/ Soldat Hans, Khaldera



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