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Founded back in 2007 the swiss band Bloodstained Ground came together to express themselves through their dark-souled melodic death metal. Through the years they refined their blackened creation. In the past their abstract and metaphoric lyrics were directly taken from their daily experiencies, which are nowadays combined with themes from the abysmal depths of the society in dark middle age - pest, inquisition, witch hunting and the humans’ urge to find culprits to hide their failures and to feed their force. For the new record „A Poem Of Misery“ various stringed and bowed instruments were added. Through all the pounding guitar-riffs the cellos, violins and sitars are giving you the impression to be part of a torture ritual in a cold cellar attended by dark chamber music. Bloodstained Ground understand how to use melodic death metal structures and add elements that go beyond that. For a few years Bloodstained Ground have performed all over Switzerland and in Europe. They went through various lineup changes while they re-defined themselves over and over again. We are proud to present to you their second full-length album „A Poem Of Misery“ which is going to hit the stores in autumn 2014.


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