SUM OF R’s new album ORGA is out now.

Stream/download Orga directly via Sum Of R’S Bandcamp:

„Sum Of R’s Orga - the soundtrack to 2017. Orga is a beautiful timeless work that everyone—doom enthusiast or not—can enjoy….that is if you can continue the rest of your day with a tinge of despair.“ -Found.

„This one’s kind of difficult to describe without engaging in some serious adjective abuse: droning, minimalist, ambient? Avant-garde instrumental soundscapes? Whatever you call it, Orga is a remarkably calm record and reminds me of some of the less guitar-centric projects that Stephen O’Malley does outside of Sunn O)))“ -Invisible Oranges

„Off the upcoming Orga comes Cobalt Powder, an exemplary droning/ambient marvel which toys with what we know and love as post rock and post metal, further dramatizes it and distorts it beyond recognition, molding it into an amalgam of beauty, melancholy and ambience.“ - Destroy//Exist

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