For 27 years CREMATION have stood for independent and uncompromising Death Metal from Switzerland. Stylistically, they lean on American and Swedish icons of the late eighties early nineties and thus create a contemporary and technical sound. Over the years the band has matured musically and developed as in real life without losing their identity and authenticity.

IGNIS, GROTESQUE HUMANITY, BURN THE DEAD, RISE OF THE PHOENIX and IN THE MAELSTROM OF TIME are self-made silver pieces that reflect the experience and snapshots.

LEGACY Magazine No.113 describes the current album with the quote: "Everything is just right here! Super songs, professional performance and a mangy production. "In the Maelstrom of Time" is a statement that older school death metal will never die." 
The textual repertoire knows no bounds. Critical contents, political polemics but also amusing drivel may and should be pronounceable.

CREMATION have gained a lot of live experience over the years and have played with countless small and big names as well as touring. Countries like Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland or USA were allowed to visit, experience and play. And also festivals in all variations strengthened the career of the band.

Fatigue is not noticeable with CREMATION. They are ready to get involved with the future and to continue on their chosen path. 

The live motto of CREMATION is: "To let feel the power of the collected experiences!"