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Ines Brodbeck, born 1981 in Arlesheim, grew up in Baselbiet with Cuban roots and lots of music. She worked in agriculture for three years after graduation, and was already travelling at the tender age of 20 years old. Amongst other places she travelled through Havanna Cuba, the home country of her father, who had already passed away. It was a place that brought her tremendous musical inspiration. Not long afterwards it became clear to her that the path she treads belongs to music. She decided to get a degree in music at the ‘Musik-Akademie in Basel, department of Jazz, Latin-Percussion’.
Since her graduation from her masters degree in 2010 she has been working as a self-employed musician and composer.

During the last few years she has gained a plethora of experiences with a number of different bands and theatre productions. Her debut album, Fiction Folk, appeared in 2012 on the south-German label <<Foxtonesmusic>>. The
womens trio (INEZproject) together with two other singers led her into using her voice more. It also inspired an increased usage of the guitar as an additional instrument on stage, as well as a tool to aid in composition. With the grand formation “INEZ <<for my friends>>” she successfully brought a grandiose live band onto the stage while also publishing a selfproduced

One day after the release on the 1st April 2017, through a wonderful coincidence, she met the singer, guitarrist and producer Gabriel Sullivan from Tucson, Arizona. He appeared on stage with his band XIXA at the Kaserne, Basel and participated as the support-band with ‘Jaro Milko & the Cubalkanics’. Gabriel Sullivan had already been touring through Europe and the USA for years, amongst others with ‘Giant Sand’, and is one of the most innovative musicians in Arizona. Gabriel and Ines immediately noticed that there was a wonderful resonance between the souls of their music. Shortly after, Ines decided to journey to Tucson Arizona to record her third album in his studio, with Gabriel as the producer.

After two weeks of intensive cooperation the production was more or less in hand. Also on the album are Winston Watson (XIXA, Bob Dylan), Ryan Alfred (Calexico), Connor Gallaher (Calexico) and Craig Schumacher (Calexico). March 2018 marked her second journey into the Arizona desert to record music videos for the new album. Since two years ago Ines now works and performs music with the musicians Fabian Gisler (BS) and Eric Gut (BS). They present both pre-existing, as well as new repertoire while performing in various concert venues. Together with them and Gabriel Sullivan she will be performing her pre-releasetour in November 2018.

Over time, researching, learning new things, writing songs and bringing musicians from all genres together became her specialty. “I enjoy crossing borders to continue reorientating myself anew. Bringing together different worlds makes me incredibly happy!”

And Czar Of Crickets Productions is incredibly happy to release INEZ's new material soon.