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We follow this band since their beginning and we feel honored to take care of their fourth full-lenght album that is going to be released on LP, CD and as digital download.

Once a stoner band, nowadays Phased play a sort of heavy and leaden, but still groovy psychedelic doom – motor doom, as their former label boss fittingly baptized it. Six years into their last studio recording, the Swiss trio now releases «Aeon». Seven monoliths of down-tuned guitars, slow beats and a subtly threatening vocal treatment, that were recorded by Chris Sigdell (voice, guitar), Marko Lehtinen (drums) and Michael Greilinger (filling in on bass) at Helium Records in Basel. The album was mixed by Richard Whittaker in London and mastered by Greg Chandler in Birmingham.

Phased have released three albums so far: «Music For Gentlemen» (2003) and the Elektrohasch classics «Medications» (2006) and «A Sort Of Spasmic Phlegm...» (2009). In 2013 Space Rock Productions released a double vinyl compilation. The band has played several European festivals of high renown, such as Stoned From The Underground, Up In Smoke or Doom Shall Rise – and with bands like Mastodon, High On Fire, Orange Goblin, Spirit Caravan and many more.



Available via Itunes, Amazon,, Plastic Head, Spotify and other stores worldwide. Check out the story about EXPENZER at the Legacy Magazine.

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Ashtar is a duo from Basel, Switzerland, formed in 2012 by drummer of Phased and ex-bassist/vocalist from shEver. They create a haunting, magic blend of Black Metal, Sludge and Doom – an intuitive, intense hybrid of down-tuned archaic riffing, heavy bass and desperately sick vocals with layered, eerie-saturnine melodies, telling about abyss and beauty, melancholy and chaos.

Ashtar's debut album «Ilmasaari» was recorded between December 2013 and April 2014 at OSA Crypt in Greifensee, Switzerland. It has been mixed and mastered by Greg Chandler (Esoteric, Lychgate) at Priory Recording Studios in Birmingham, UK. Czar Of Bullets is proud to release «Ilmasaari» in June 2015. Along with this CD release there will be a limited tape edition via the French label Antiq. The vinyl version is going to see the light of day in early autumn through Throne Records. 



Available via https://ashtar1.bandcamp.comItunes, Amazon,, Plastic Head, Spotify and others worldwide. Check out the interview with ASHTAR on Wonderbox Metal, talking about their creation and their new album.

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nMetal Underground - 4.5/5 : "Grenzgenial was uns hier aus Basel ereilt hat. Was bleibt hier zu sagen, als, wer auf eine weitschichtige Soundmixtur aus Doom, Sludge und Black Metal schwört sollte sich hier genauer reinhören und wird feststellen, dass man den Output nicht so schnell wieder aus dem Player gibt."

Wondebox Metal : "There’s something extremely satisfying about this release. From the occult feelings to the Blackened bile; from the Doom aura to the impressive riffs; Ashtar have crafted a release that will appeal to the darkness inside. Highly recommended."

WLTU Music - 8.5 / 10 : "Sechs wahnsinnig coole Doom-Nummern, die mal von einem schaurigen Piano, dann von einem Digeridoo aufgelockert werden und mit 47 Minuten auch zeitmäßig genregerecht zu Buche schlagen. Ein Spitzenalbum!"



Expenzer Collage

Four Swiss musicians, an 18 years old underground institution, found a fifth member - the singer who completed the brand-new Thrash monster EXPENZER.

To describe their sound, imagine the brash „kick in the door“, feeling from Pantera's Cowboys from Hell - the drive, never lettig up, like The Haunted's“...made me do it“ and the class of acts like Testament or ExodusJoin this exciting ride on a runaway train, steared into traffic, on purpose...with EXPENZER's debut album, KILL THE CONDUCTOR.

You get something special when you combine the experience of musicians that grew together in nearly two decades of rehersals, concerts, recordings and the passion of a fresh born band, unleashing it's unspoilt energy. All the members in EXPENZER created the foundation for their debut album, together in various combinations, on different terrains, to finally combine all their strenght on one target : to KILL THE CONDUCTOR!

In the Summer of 2014, all the stars fell in line and created an electrifying force behind this collaboration, that unfolded during the first live performances of the band, wich put them on a festival bill amongst Kreator, Vader or Satyricon, and concerts with Swiss Class Acts, like Gurd or Poltergeist, proving their ground, with an untamed joy to play on stage. The music was created fluently and focused, though the characters’ history with each other and a collective mindset on a distinct style and attidute, in the songs you'll hear. 

In the same year "Kill The Conductor" was recorded, mixed and mastered by V.O. Pulver (GURD) at the Little Creek Studio. We from Czar Of Bullets are proud to release the album worldwide in July 2015.

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