CZAR OF CRICKETS PRODUCTIONS is a Basel based independent label founded in 2006 by Frederyk Rotter when he brought out the second album of his own band Zatokrev. The main vision was to support talented underground artist from any rock genre. After eight years we realised that we presented a lot of different music genres, so we decided to split this company in two sub labels:
CZAR OF BULLETS represents the metal side from which we pretty much have our roots
CZAR OF REVELATIONS shows more of different rock genres like acoustic singer-songwriting, psychedelic, ambient, indie or simply kick ass rock'n'roll. 
Soulfood (Germany, Austria), Audioglobe SRL (Italy), Soundworks (France), Suburban (Benelux), NonStopMusic (Switzerland), Sound Pollution (Sweden), Border Music (Norway), Supersounds (Finland), Target (Denmark), Mystic Production (Poland, Czech Rep., Slovenia, Slovakia), Mastertrax (Spain), Plastic Head (UK, Ireland & Import worldwide + digital distribution worldwide)
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