The Leaving plays "The Mountain" feat. Noah Landis from Neurosis

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«It was so beautiful …» sings a deep female voice accompanied by hypnotic sounds, mystic blues and cinematic soundscapes. It’s a sound that makes your blood run cold while simultaneously sending comforting shivers down your spine. Just as if Nick Cave became one with his female duet partners from «Murder Ballads» – a kind of symbioses of man and woman reciting songs about the dark sides of the human soul and the lightness of being. A melancolic soundtrack, in the manner of Enrico Morricone, a soundtrack to an inner movie about raptures, scars and blank spaces, about fading, remembrance and longing unfolds before our ears: Welcome to the universe of «Scratches» ladies and gentlemen. (Text by Steffi Klär)
We are proud to welcome Scratches in our roster. We're looking forward to release their new single by end of October and their new album "Before Beyond" in the beginning of 2017. Have a listen to their previous full-length "Fade" on bandcamp: 

fade by Scratches

Khaldera's new fantastic EP is out now and available worldwide via various internet shops & platforms worldwide like,, Spotify, iTunes and many many more. Also you can order directly via Khaldera's Bandcamp (digital or CD) , our distributor Plastic Head in the UK or go directly via our Czar Shop , or if you decide that your wallet is empty like ours just stream this epic piece via Soundcloud:


Born of the embers of endless hours of improvisation; the music of Khaldera is the reflection of what is created on the spur of the moment. Something that is beyond the grasp of rational thought, cast into songs, allowing it to recreate these particular moments to a certain extend. Situated someplace amidst the gentle hills of the Swiss Plateau, Khaldera has self-released their debut EP “Relief” in 2013 (mixed and mastered by Aaron Harris from Isis and Chris Common respectively) before being signed to Czar Of Revelations and releasing their follow up EP “Alteration” in 2016 (mixed and mastered by BlackArtAudio Studios).
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Remaining instrumental for the time being, Khaldera creates a distinct atmosphere with carefully designed guitar lines, visceral drumming and solid fretless bass playing. Mesmerizing and fateful drones with transcendental qualities swell into cathartic destruction just like a peaceful stream swells into a violent, cleansing river.
Khaldera's new sounds from "Alteration" will get presented soon. In the meantime you can stream their mostly unheard, but brilliant self-released first EP "Relief" via Bandcamp: or check their song "Quasar" taken from "Relief" on Youtube: