CREMATION have stood for independent and uncompromising death metal from Switzerland for 30 years.
Stylistically they were inspired by Swedish, English and American icons of the late eighties and early nineties, creating their contemporary and technical sound. Over the years, the band matured musically and evolved as in real life, without losing their identity and authenticity.

CREMATION has gained a lot of live experience over the years and played with countless national and international bands, as well as toured with Resurrection in 2014 and YOB in 2016. Also various festivals (Mountains of Death, MehSuff, Las Vegas Deathfest etc.) strengthened their live performance. Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland or USA could be visited, experienced and played.

IGNIS 1999, GROTESQUE HUMANITY 2002, BURN THE DEAD 2007, RISE OF THE PHOENIX 2012 and IN THE MAELSTROM OF TIME 2017 are self-made silver pieces that reflect the Spirit of age, these released without support of a label. LEGACY Magazine No.113 describes the current CD with the quote: "Everything is just right here! Super songs, professional performance, and a mangy production. "In the Maelstrom of Time" is a statement that old school death metal will never die."

WHERE THE BLOOD FLOWS DOWN THE MOUNTAINS will be released for the first time in December 2022 via the label CZAR OF CRICKETS. The chosen path to walk together fires CREMATION to shape the future with confidence.