Asbest - Cyanide

Asbest - Driven

Ashtar - Ilmasaari

Autisti [Louis Jucker & Emilie Zoé] - Autisti (CD/LP)

Bloodstained Ground - A Poem Of Misery

CARMA STAR - Eloquence For The Mob

CARMA STAR - Where my soul begins to bend

Claw - st

Cremation - Where The Blood Flows Down The Mountains

Damim - A Fine Game Of Nil

Darius - Clôture

Echolot - Destrudo

Echolot - Volva

Erupdead - Abyss Of The Unseen

ERUPDEAD - The human progress

Expenzer - Kill The Conductor

FIDOplaysZAPPA - Too Big To Fail

Fredy Rotten - Even If We Sleep (CD)

From The Bogs Of Aughiska - Mineral Bearing Veins

Giant Sleep - Grounded to the Sky

Glauco Ceccarelli - Bastardo(digital single)

Glauco Ceccarelli - MuipO

GURD - Fake

Heavy Harvest - Iron Lung

Holzerhurd - An Rand


Inezona - A Self-Portrait

Inezona - Heartbeat

Khaldera - Alteration (CD EP)

King Legba & The Loas - Back From The Dead

King Legba & The Loas - Shine A Light

KING LEGBA & THE LOAS - st (red colored clear LP)

Late Night Venture - Subcosmos

Minsk/Zatokrev - Bigod (Split album)

Neo Noire - Element

Neo Noire - Walkers (digital single)

NevBorn - Daidalos

Palmer - Digital Individual (digital single)

Palmer - Surrounding The Void

PALMER - This One Goes To Eleven

Phased - AEON

Preamp Disaster - By The Edges


Roamer - What The Hell ?

Sandro P - Sandro P

Scratches - Beautiful (digital single)

Scratches - Before Beyond (CD/LP)

Serafyn - Go Down North (digital single)

Serafyn - Quantum Leap

Serafyn - Take To The Skies (digital single)

Songs For An Eye - Innocence & Experience

Sons Of Morpheus - The Wooden House Session

Sum Of R - ORGA

Svarts - Geography

The Burden Remains - Fragments (LP)

The Leaving - Faces (CD)

The Universe By Ear - Seven Pounds (digital single)

The Universe By Ear - The Universe By Ear (CD/LP)

The View Electrical - Roseland Remixes (digital EP)

Total Annihilation - On Chains Of Doom


Unhold - Here Is The Blood

Unhold - Towering (CD/2LP)

When Icarus Falls - Resilience

Wolf Counsel - Age Of Madness / Reign Of Chaos

Wolf Counsel - Ironclad

ZATOKREV - Bury The Ashes

Zlang Zlut - Crossbow Kicks

Zlang Zlut - Hit The Bottom (digital single)

Zlang Zlut - st