Three guitars - what do they use them for ? Crushing sonic waves of instrumental grandeur. Darius manage orchestral songs without pompousness. Raw riffs. Simple and repetitive chords you wanna play with too much excitation. Riffs that hurt your wrist and cover your guitar with blood. Riffs that once layered form an atypical, choral and fairly violent post-rock. Like a big cake, made of real and healthy ingredients, nutritive, fat as fuck and surprisingly digest.

Darius episode 2 / about the new EP Clôture - Jura. A chalet in the middle of the fields. Our favorite fellowship facing a wall of amps. A new drummer tight as hell coaching the team. Second hand tapes burned by distortion. Instrumental and brawny rock, with tender parts, flesh, nerves and guts. Clear friendship here, skillfully mastered with foamy beers and split cymbals.
[L. Jucker]

2015 - Grain
2018 - Clôture