ECHOLOT is a three-piece band from Basel, Switzerland. In the 6 years since their foundation in 2014, the band has played concerts with international greats such as Triptykon, Mars Red Sky or Domkraft and has been on three successful European tours. After “I” and “Volva”, the first two albums, the third album DESTRUDO will be released in autumn 2020. Their music moves in the range of Doom / Psychedelic / Metal and develops from album to album. After two years of growth, Destrudo has become the most intense album that ECHOLOT has composed so far - new shores were explored, revealing unknown possibilities which can be heard on the upcoming album DESTRUDO. The foundation for a new era for the band has been laid. The music and the lyrics of ECHOLOT create a plastic atmosphere that can be interpreted and completed individually by the listener. It is a journey through body and mind and an experience how they coexist in their duality and dynamics.