ERUPDEAD from Basel, Switzerland is a straight forward death metal band founded in December 2007. The band consists of five members, who used to be active in different local bands. The passion for hard tunes and their friendship unite this band. All Musicians contribute their ideas while writing songs together, which makes their music innovative with a lot of different influences.

After releasing the Demo "Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia" in 2008, followed the EP "Deadend", which got very good reviews. ERUPDEAD went on two tours and performed many concerts on national and international stages. Then they began with the recordings of their first full length Album "The Human Progress" in their own Studio called "HoFucker77". "The Human Progress" was released by Czar Of Crickets Productions in 2011.

The new Album will be released in September 2017 in cooperation with the Label Czar Of Bullets.

This beast of brutality and beauty is the result of the last few years.
The Human Progress
Abyss Of The Unseen