Shimmering synths lay the floating carpet of sound, a meditative guitar arpeggio joins in, a beat pulsates like a heartbeat and a melody flows through veins like blood. INEZONA's velvety voice sings "A heartbeat is all we need ..." and in no time we are there, in their sound universe. Her new album "Heartbeat" includes eight songs, which the multi-instrumentalist recorded with her band and guitarist Gabriel Sullivan (XIXA, Giant Sand) in her hometown of Basel. After the avant-garde Latin desert pop of «Now» (2019) and the instrumental «A Self Portrait» (2022), on «Heartbeat» INEZONA presents a sound that cannot be found on any map, seems to flow through time and space and us, gently but with irresistible power. Cinematic, mystical, powerful and beautiful: «Heartbeat» will be released on 30.06.2023 on Czar of Crickets.