Inez is the queen of spherical melodies and has set the desert of Arizona on her last album Now to mystical Desert Pop music. Now known under the new name INEZONA the female multi-instrumentalist releases A Self-Portrait, ten gorgeous instrumental tracks and her probably most intuitive/intimate album so far.

Technically the year 2020 should have been determined by various trips, musical exchanges and wandering minds according to Inez original plans. After her Artist Residency in Colombia, South America, was cancelled due to the global pandemic, she was instead unintentionally stuck in Southern Germany, not far from the Swiss borders during the first lockdown. In the seclusion of an old mill in Binzen, in an arts oriented environment of friends, aloof of all the pandemonium she was able to find ease and great creative freedom.

She created music. On a gut level, just for the fun of it, without any particular purpose, and she equipped herself with what ever instruments she would find in the mill - Banjo-Ukulele, Ukulele, electric and acousticc guitar, violin,kitchenware served as percussion instruments, a microphone. She recorded and retained her creations once a day, almost mantra-like. That’s how, in-between April to May 2020, ten lovely spherical instrumental tracks
originated for A Self-Portrait on which Inez keeps packing her portfolio as a profound female sound artist. She deemed her new musical diary has to be accompanied visually as well and like that each song turned into a video, too - partly staged and filmed on the spot at the mill, partly with movie material from the past which she edited herself.

A Self-Portrait was written by INEZONA in April and May 2020, single-handedly recorded and mixed, and presents music of cinematic power, which abducts into the eternalness and nonchalantly draws one under its spell. Fifteen years ago Inez has started her musical solo pathway, now she has found her own unique essence and zone.

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