Ten songs named after sandwiches, that is a whole new level of reckless risk-taking in the very solemn post-metal scene : ORSO’s first full-length honors the tradition of adventurous culinary topics inaugurated on their first EP « Primi Piatti » back in 2016. Don’t be fooled by the Swiss quintet’s misleading thematic lightness : behind the veil of futility lurks a severe knowledge and rare skills of metallic methodology.

The possible connection between the sandwiches (Sloppy Joe, Mitraillette, Fluffernutter, etc – detailed recipes are included in the booklet) and the ten tracks named after them ? Problably the overlay of hypnotic riffs, stellar arpeggios and tribal rhythms, used as several high-quality ingredients and piled on with a know-how that makes « Paninoteca » very rich but never indigestible.