ROAMER is the band of the Swiss singer and composer Samuel Blatter. He has been writing songs since he was a kid. During the last ten years he has found his place in the Swiss music scene as a composer and producer for theatre/dance as well as a keyboarder and singer in different bands. In his songs he is not only processing his personal story but also a large range of musical influences covering early rock n’roll, post-rock, kraut-rock, noise, trip-hop, free jazz, idm or industrial rock. His music is marked by the struggle between personal misfortune and high spirits. Love, faith and the urge to dance are competing for influence on the sound with the dark sides of life resulting in a highly suspenseful and energetic but brutally compelling music. ROAMER came into life in 2008 to strive for their unique sound. This eclectic approach is also apparent in the musical background of his fellow band members which are influenced by idols like Sonic Youth, Melvins or Led Zeppelin. ROAMER has released two EP’s so far. For their upcoming tour in October they will join forces with their longtime friend MiWi La Lupa from the US who has contributed some beautiful vocals on the upcoming ROAMER album, which is going to be released via Czar Of Revelations in early 2018.
Samuel Blatter - voc/synth
Simon Rupp - guitar
Christi an Weber - bass
Martin Stebler - drums