Verwaltzen is a heavy rock band concentrating on excessively distorted, spine-crushing sound paired with high energy riffing. Also, this band is juggling with hardcore, doom, stoner pop and metal elements. They’re an out-put focused band always working on their next release. Best to check it out yourself and label it the way you like it best:
Verwaltzen released their last selftitled EP in good old DIY style in July 2017 completely by themselves. Because we love the band and because they will release their forthcoming soundcarrier via Czar Of Revelations, we want to push their selfreleased last EP. When I listened to it for the first time the first riff of the opening song "Eyes Like Steaks" immediately catched me. Combined with the following immensely authentic sounding vocals, it made me think of some kind of total stoner hit. Although in many ways I don't apreciate the persistent stoner hype, this sound made me curious to hear more and actually it turned out to be a very diverse, heavy, creative and dynamic mix of stoner and the more alternative side of hardcore with passion for good melodies. I even assert that I hear elements from Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals (which in my eyes is Manson's only really interesting record), from 90ies Grunge, Mike Patton's Faith No More & Tomahawk or even Nomeansno from the "Wrong" era. Non of these examples really can catch Verwaltzen's unique spirit, as even during listening the rest of the record you'll find many other different sound scapes from various genres and feelings in down and uptempos. This EP is pounding, sick, crazy and beautiful at the same time. With the closing track "Still Got Feelings" Verwaltzen prove that they are fantastic songwriters with love for details and unconventional harmonies. This last track should have been the ballad of the last, not so convincing, Faith No More record. It would have turned out to be totally outstanding. Ok, let's stop the boring comparisons. This is a striking EP of a very talented, authentic and trends-ignoring band. This last EP is highly recommended. -written by Frederyk Rotter
2008 - Tertanzen From Outerspace (EP)
2012 - Pension Off & Nothing (EP)
2017 - ST (EP)
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